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Feature Story
April 27, 2015

A Jurassic World of Difference

Universal Picture’s Jurassic World™ is poised to rip into theaters this summer. With any big blockbuster come bigger expectations, both with the motion picture and sales of consumer products. When it came time to develop the brand DNA for all consumer-facing retail products for Jurassic World, Universal turned to Pilot.

“We started working on packaging with Universal three years ago. We were also working with Hasbro Inc. on toy concepts and exclusive retailer packages,” said Bill Concannon, Co-Founder at Pilot.

The work that began three years ago has paid off in the form of a cohesive design and layout, which encompasses all retail items for Jurassic World. Time and time again, the world’s biggest entertainment companies trust Pilot to deliver. Jurassic World opens worldwide June 12, 2015. Full case study coming soon!