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Feature Story
August 14, 2014

Rebranding a Giant

“Transformers White.” Internally that was the name for the full rebrand of Transformers. “White” standing for the bare canvas that the property was stripped down to. The strategy was to rebuild Transformers with a clean, bold and sophisticated look that would pay homage to the timelessness of the brand while emotionally connecting to the modern consumer.

Pilot strategically crafted every element that now adorns the packaging on shelf and are all comprised within the rewritten Brand Guide. A clean and contemporary logo, less detailed than past iterations, will carry the brand hereafter. Illustrations rendered in a warm painterly style. Bold iconography and info graphics relieved the communication burden. Patterns, color ways and type were developed to add depth to the trade dress. The Transformers story, now 30 years in the making, has well thought out and executed branding that will support entertainment, licensing, digital and toy and games not only in the current market but years into the future.

The Sidebar
August 19, 2014

Congratulations Johnny Cupcakes!

Happy Anniversary! Great job on the six years of success at your LA store. Check out our JC Big Kid Case Study. Always a blast working with you Johnny!

Erik Astman (Big E)

Marketing Director