3rd Lap & Gaining Speed!

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Erik Astman

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July 31, 2017

With the success of Cars in 2006 and Cars 2 in 2011, Disney Pixar decided to bring back the legendary Lightning McQueen for a third go-around. But when McQueen finds himself left in the dust by a new generation of faster, sleeker cars, the veteran racer must find a way to revamp his racing status. Just as McQueen had to prove to racing fans that he was still a threat, Disney would undoubtedly have to prove a third installment in a franchise could be just a fresh and relevant as the original. They would need licensing art for Cars 3 that was new, unique, and as sleek as McQueen’s competition. When it came to the mechanics, they turned to Pilot.

The Pilot team was incredibly excited to partner with Disney to create a Consumer Product Licensing Guide for Cars 3. Recognizing the need for speed in the Cars movies, Pilot set out to show speed in unique and graphic ways. What resulted was a variety of patterns, compositions and badges that went into the Style Guide used for various consumer products.

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3rd Lap & Gaining Speed!

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