Angry Orchard

The combination of phenomenal branding and a great product has skyrocketed Angry Orchard to the top of the exploding cider market.


The Challenge

Pilot was contracted to define a name, brand, and package for a soon-to-be new cider.  Armed with a name, Pilot was tasked with exploring the branding potential while considering the end game of creating a full identity package with the potential for brand extension.

Getting to Work

As with every project that comes through the doors at Pilot, a story was created.  This allows our creative teams to build engaging and well thought out brands.  Pilot’s stories supporting the chosen direction allowed Angry Orchard’s marketing team to realize the brand potential in each due to the strength of story and the opportunity for brand extension, different environments, and multiple characters.

Pilot’s creative team got busy visually creating to the story. Personifying the trees and creatures that would live within the mythical orchard. Explorations were done on the look and feel of the orchard and the temperament of the trees that grow within it.  Varying levels of realism were given to the tree personalities to dial in the main character.


The main character and his environment was strategically designed and illustrated to allow flavor segmentation through additional characters and colorways.

The logo design was inspired by a wooden sign that you might see while driving down a dusty country road approaching an orchard. The letterforms were chosen for their aggressive yet approachable nature.  The angular serifs and medium contrast between the letterform’s thick and thins pay respect to the glyphic type style that would be seen on an inscribed wooden sign.


The story, logo, and cast of characters visually solidified the Angry Orchard brand.


The Outcome

Now the country’s most popular brand of hard cider, Angry Orchard is the benchmark for the rapidly growing US cider market.