Nativ Made

Nativ Made was on a mission to prove a grab-and-go restaurant could be fresh, organic and locally sourced. We helped the ethics-based company break out from under the “fast food” umbrella.


The Challenge

In 2013, Nativ Made opened on the island of Nantucket as the “Nantucket Pasty Company”. After two years of average sales, ownership knew it was time to make a drastic change. The company came to Pilot equipped with strong values, but a confused way of expressing them.


Our Solution

Our team devised a strategy to develop a brand where the promise of local, ethical and real food stood at the forefront.

We began with revisiting the original name and choosing one that better reflected the ownership’s values. With the future goal of building a franchise in mind, it was essential that the name worked in markets everywhere. Through numerous brainstorm sessions, “Nativ Made” rose to the top. The play on words with the owner’s name, Nate, added to the brand’s authenticity, especially to Nantucket locals who knew him personally.


The iconic “N” would turn into the logo for the brand, with the triangular arrow representing the importance of ingredients grown and raised central to each store’s location, wherever that may be. We further communicated this promise of locally sourced ingredients through copywriting and product names that were on-theme with their respective store’s location.

The brand aesthetics were inspired by a vintage farmstand’s use of raw materials, hand drawn detailing and organic color-ways. Our design team knew an all-natural look like this would bring trust and integrity to a fast-food concept.

To emphasize the brand values, we designed kraft labels to draw attention to the raw ingredients in products. Customers can be certain that they are avoiding artificial or processed ingredients as they grab & go. Biodegradable labels are torn and assembled by hand to promote that products are made in-house.


"We were always this company based on ethics and practices but our visual communication was somewhat confused and not on brand with our products and practices." 
– Nathan Coe, Owner


When it came to interior design and signage, we created blueprints of the entire space to visualize the look. We contrasted vintage farmstand accents with a contemporary atmosphere. The space was laid out so that the color-rich food and drink displays were the most dominate decoration, just as they would be at a farmstand.


The Outcome

Within 6 months of the rebrand, Nativ Made was offered a major licensing deal with 1 Hotels. One season after the rebrand, Nativ Made’s business numbers in Nantucket were up nearly 100% year after year.


Project Impacts

100% increase in profits over past seasons.
Signed franchise deal with 1 Hotel South Beach.

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