Data analytics is not an industry traditionally known for innovative branding. The time was right to shake things up.


The Challenge

The primary initiative for the rebrand was to position Profitero as the defacto industry leader with brands looking for online data analytics partner. A secondary initiative was to show how online retailers and brands could communicate more efficiently using Profitero. Lastly, Profitero was investing in content production (interviews, white papers, podcasts) and the new branding had to be a pillar for which to bolster and build a position of leadership in the industry.

Getting to Work

The project began with research of the industry, including customers and competition. It quickly became apparent that online data analytics, as a category, was rife with stale branding and tired messaging. Pilot determined there was room for exploration, color and vibrancy.

The design and marketing teams led a full-scale rebrand initiative, with design options being based on brand attributes and customer sensibilities. The result was a wide-array of options that were all on brand.


We knew there was an opportunity to break through the stagnation that were hallmarks of design in the data analytics industry. Eight designers, led by an art director and a director of marketing, retreated for a week to explore logo design options based on consumer preferences and branding initiatives. We re-convened a week later and explored dozens of options. That list was culled into a top 25, which later became a top 10. The top 10 was prepared for client review, with executions on how the logo could be rolled-out as an integrated campaign.

We knew we did our job at the client review when the client declared, “there are too many good options here.” Ultimately, we believe the client made a great choice — and the result in an integrated branding campaign that’s positioning Profitero as an industry leader.

Pilot delivered a set of new branding guidelines to Profitero. They have used them for a comprehensive integrated campaign that has established them as the leader in their industry. White papers, infographics, podcasts and more have helped establish Profitero as the leading content producer in their field — which, has established them as the brand to beat in their industry.


The Outcome

Pilot wasn’t the obvious choice to do this rebrand. Our portfolio to date (at that time) did not boast any data analytics clients, nor even related categories. Nevertheless, Profitero chose to work with Pilot because they needed fresh thinking, new ideas, and a solid creative partner they could lean on for deliverables beyond the initial re-brand. The result is a beneficial partnership that has seen Profitero raise their game to become a new industry leader.