Gentle Giant Toys

In 2018, Gentle Giant Ltd had plans to announce a new mass market collectible toy division Gentle Giant Toys. Gentle Giant Ltd. is known as an industry leader in the high-end collectibles market for almost two decades, and were pioneers in using digital scans and data to make collector consumer products.


The Challenge

The team at Gentle Giant had been hard at work developing a new product line that would include up to eight new products. Completion of the designs were still in development weeks prior to one of the industries largest trade shows. It would be a tremendous advantage to have Walmart and Target on board with their offering. Both retailers consider a products branding and packaging as pivotal as the product itself. Gentle Giant needed their new line and all its products branded and in packaging for the show.  


The Strategy

With only weeks before the trade show, Pilot assembled a team to work on site with the Gentle Giant team to expedite the creative process. While one team worked on the origin story of the Gentle Giant Toys, others developed the individual stories behind each product line. With the back stories completed, the design teams could begin to flesh out the branding and trade dress for packaging designs.


The Solution

With the initial development signed off by the CEO and Marketing teams, the teams returned to Boston to build packaging and merchandising displays for the show. Additionally, the team developed a 3D virtual reality trade show booth that displayed the entire line for creative partners unable to attend the trade show. Physical packaging and POS displays were comped and shipped to the show.



The new Gentle Giant Toys branding and the product line was extremely well received at the Dallas and New York Toy Fairs. The Pilot team attended the shows to support the industry launch and sat in with Walmart and Target buyers to document feedback directly. Over the next few weeks, adjustments were made to ensure the line would be its best at market launch. We are extremely proud of the outcome and will continue to support the Gentle Giant team with branding and trade dress support for their brands.



Project Scope:

Research / Positioning / Creative Direction

Visual Identity / Illustration / Art Direction

Product Consultation / Product Communication / Packaging & Retail Systems